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Why I’m thinking about gluten free…

27 Jun

I’ve always longed to cook, but in my family it just wasn’t ok for me to cook {long story}. For about 6 months last year, I lived with my Aunt and that was the best cooking experience  I had had my entire life. My Aunt is an amazing cook, just like her mom, she forced me in the kitchen and showed me a new love of food that I hadn’t really had{minus the couple of summers I spent with her growing up}. I loved every minute of it, and still cherish it to this day. This is the beginning of my love of food.

After I moved back in with my parents, the same old of not being able to cook kicked in. I was there for about half a year before I got my apartment.  Oh my apartment… I love that little home of mine. My room is on the bottom floor next to the kitchen {God’s plan I’m sure} When I saw this kitchen I knew that I would be able to make something amazing in it. Right about this time I was thinking about being gluten free and had been reading up on the benefits of it.

I love that I have my own kitchen. With being pretty broke, this surprisingly led to me cooking a lot in order to save money. Trying to cook as gluten free as possible meant that I knew what was going in my food. I was constantly looking for new recipes to try and loving the outcome of the food I made. Everything was amazing! {ok there is that one dish that is still in the freezer because it wasn’t that great} I love cooking. I zone out every time and I love it when my room mates come in the door and exclaim “What ARE you cooking??? It smells amazing!” It would make my day 😀 I’ve also found that cooking isn’t as fun unless there is someone to share it with.
I still haven’t fully committed, but I want to. {I have a serious pasta/ chef boyardee ravioli problem!}

Reasons for me to be Gluten Free:
I’ve been rather weak/lazy feeling for a long time // I have no idea if it’s related {probably is somehow} but there are certain foods I eat that afterwards I burp and it tastes like rotten eggs {can you say gross?!}. // I’ve also been getting these weird patches of rash on my legs lately that are annoying.

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to comment. I love comments 😀