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So much to do, so little time…

19 Jun

I’ve been home for about a month now. The only thing I knew I had to do before I moved back to my apartment was clean my rooms. Yup you heard that right rooms. See I’m an only child, and the upstairs is my domain. There’s two bedrooms with bathrooms in both. One of them is of course my bedroom and the other is my craft room. Between moving to and from Alabama and then my apartment at college, my rooms have collected a bit of clutter. {OK by bit I mean a LOT} You get the point, I need to clean.

Why does the internet have to be so much more interesting than cleaning?

Another thing on my to do list: work on My Shop. I have a TON of stuff to do. Take pictures of new earrings, re-do the necklaces I want to list, and get my shop to a place where I can make decent sales. {see tons of work :D}