Oh life!

11 Sep
I miss summer time.
I miss being able to sleep in and not feel bad.
I miss having time to have fun and not worry
about the chapter I have to read for class.
I miss being able to relax when the weekend came.

These are the feelings I’ve been having lately.
I’m loving school, and the classes I’m taking,
but I’m really starting to get behind in everything.

I keep forgetting to read for class until the last
minute, and then I run out of time. I try to practice
a lot at school, but sometime it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

I wish there were 48 hours in a day just so I could
get more done and still be able to function.
My schedule for the week is get up at 530 AM,
get ready, drive 45 minutes to get to school, and
leave school at the latest 645 PM, drive
back home 45 minutes, eat and be in the
bed (hopefully) at 930 PM and then
repeat the whole process again the next day.

When I get home all I want to do is sleep.
I try to get stuff done at school, but I tend to
talk too much to my friends at school. I really think
I need to find a quiet place away from the world
and get my shit done lol.

Sorry for this vent, I just wanted you to know
that 1) I’m still alive, and 2)I’m crazy busy over here.

I miss y’all!


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