Foodie Tuesday

30 Aug
This is going to be a new blog series for me.

My doctor recently told me that I need

to give up bread and pastas, and need

to eat more veggies and fruits.

Sounds simple right? Wrong!! You see,

I LOVE bread and pastas. She did tell me

that I could eat whole grain bread so it’s

not the end of the world, but does make things

a bit more difficult. Well in hopes of

making myself as well as my family a bit

healthier, I’ve decided to start cooking

a bit more at home rather than

2-3 times a week. We usually eat out most

of the week, so this too will be a struggle.

My hopes for this blog is to keep myself

from falling back into that rut of eating out.

I’m going to try to keep myself accountable by

posting a recipe that I’ve found, or tweaked

and tried to make. It will be like a

review of the new recipes I try.

If you have any recipes that you think I would like,

please email me at with

the subject “Blog Recipes.” This is going to be

an adventure for me, and I want you to come along

with me 😀

I will start posting new recipes next Tuesday



p.s. did I mention I really love food. I love

trying new things.


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