Update/Real Talk time

13 Aug
Hi guys!!

So here’s a bit of what’s been going on with me

since my last blog post:

1. I spent 5 amazing days at the beach with my two BFFs

2. I got burnt at the beach, which is now a tan thank God!!

3. Practiced my guitar a lot to prepare for my audition.

4. I had my audition, which I will tell you more about

in a few.

5. I went to 3 different music stores in 2 days lol. 2 of them

were the same people though. (I got several

new pics in different colors for the shop, and

a manuscript notebook that has very bright colors yay)

6. Been couponing my but off. (I saved almost $30

yesterday at Target!)

7. Woke up at 615 this morning trying to

get into school sleep mode. (so hard!)

8. And now me and my mom are getting ready

to go grocery shopping/couponing.

Yup I’ve been busy lol.

I have some jewelry to put together

Ok so the story about the audition:

In March I originally auditioned for the music

department at GC&SU on the violin. I had been taking lessons

in Columbus on the violin for the past couple of months.

I was excited to continue with it once again. Well, after I auditioned,

they told me I would have to take remedial lessons. This would mean

that I wouldn’t be taking lessons that would count towards my grade.

I also took a theory test that day, I didn’t get to finish it because

when I first got in there, the teacher asked if anyone had any

theory classes like A.P. or college. Well of course I raised my hand.

So then he wanted to talk to me about what I knew. After we

talked he wanted me to work on the test just to see how well I would

do. By the time everyone else was finishing and going to lunch,

I was only halfway done with it. That was fine if I just wanted

to do elementary theory, but I had my degree and I wanted to prove it!

So I left before I was done and went to lunch.

So I decided after my advisement with the Music Therapy director,

that I would re-audition on the guitar since I already had 2 years of

it under my belt. Well, that didn’t count, so I had to be judged on

how well I did.

I played the whole time I was at the beach, and studied

theory too! The day of the audition came and I found

out that I was the first to go (ah aggravating much?) So

on top of being nervous just because, I was double nervous

because I had to go first. I get on stage, and say my name and

what I’m playing and just get started. My hands were shaking, I missed

a couple of notes, but I kept going. So then they make me sight read.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if there wasn’t a lady standing

right behind me watching me. So I fucked that up big time. lol

They then asked me why I was doing guitar if I had 12 years

of guitar behind me. I said “I have my A.A. in Music with

classical guitar. I figured it would be easier to play and

to be through with college faster than if I took remedial lessons

on the violin.” The music therapy person didn’t realize that I had

already talked to someone from music therapy. So she asked me to come

over an hour later and have a chat. I said I would.

They said thanks and we’ll let you

know how you do after your theory test.

At this point I was ecstatic the performance part was

over and now to do the dreaded theory test that I knew

I wasn’t well prepared for. I leave to go put my guitar up and

grab my purse to go to the theory room. As I’m walking towards

the room, the music department secretary tells me she

wants to have a word with me real fast. I oblige and we go into the

stair well. She says that I qualified for remedial classes

on guitar(can you say extreme bummer?)

She proceeds to tell me that the school is in

desperate need of violin players and that they want me to

audition on a violin that they had, playing the sight reading

piece. I would go to take the theory test and then they’d let me

practice for a bit. I was bummed but I agreed.

So I went to the theory room and began the test. I was 1 question away from

halfway when they came to get me (keep inmind this point on

my first audition) Needless to say, I was pissed. First I have to

audition again and then they interrupt my theory test (Ah!)

So I go upstairs and head towards the band room where I’ll be

practicing. Well the door is locked. so I’m just standing in

the hallway waiting on someone to bring me a violin

and let me in the room. At this point, I’m pretty confused and

pissed as to why they keep dragging me around.

A few minutes later, the secretary comes back.

She tells me that they had their paper work screwed up, and

had no idea that I had auditioned already (WTF!)

So they would use my scores from that, and I would

be taking the remedial violin classes. (great :l )

SO I was even more pissed now. I left, and me and

mama got my books, met a second year MT student yay, and had

burritos and beers afterwards. This helped a lot!

You still reading this? sorry this is so long, but I’m almost done.

So we head home after getting my parking permit.

We get home and I make semi-spaghetti, and I go to bed

early. Friday Mama and I go shopping which made it

better and here we are now.

Well we are about to go shopping again, so

I’ll talk to ya’ll later. BTW be sure to

come by Wednesday for a surprise 😀

infinite X’s and O’s for sticking around

through this post!!



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