30 Jul
So I’ve been M.I.A. for the last two weeks.
What have I been up to you ask?

1. I helped out with VBS back in Alabama.
(I had so much fun!)

2. Went on a roadtrip to a small town in
between Birmingham and Atlanta.

3. Went antiquing. I bought one of those
Rolling Stone tote bags with ACDC on it 😀
I also bought an Auburn watch.

4. I got harrased for said watch because I was
with a group of Alabama fans.

5. Had a craft night with the Roller Derby girls.
(more on that at the end of this)

6. Re-learned how to skate. My ankles still hurt lol

7. Organized all of my etsy bills/sold orders/receipts.

8. And in a few hours, I will be helping out the Derby Girls Linkwith the tent of homemade goods at Bragg Jam.

Ok so the Roller Derby Girls:
A few of my friends have started up a local
roller derby team here in Middle Georgia. With my
fragile fingers, I can’t do the roller derby stuff, but
I am what we call a FEARLEADER (cheerleader) with
one other girl, Summer :D.
I love it, because several of them are very crafty
and the other night, we got together to make some
stuff to sell today. Bragg Jam is going to be a
fundraiser for the team so we can buy equipment and such.
The team name is the Middle Georgia Derby Demons (MGDD for short).
If you want to know more, type the full name into facebook 😀

Well I need to get ready for today. I hope
to have posts everyday next week.
But I am heading to the beach Thursday. so no
promises lol.


P.S. I wanted to say hi to my new followers!! 40 people yay
And thanks for all the recent comments. I do
love getting them 😀


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