Real Talk Friday

8 Jul
This will hopefully be a new daily
post day on the blog.

I’ve been reading blogs lately that have
been sharing who they are in real life.

I love the idea of this so much, but
I’m scared to show my true self.
Online I try to be positive and not
have issues. Well honestly, I’m the
total opposite. I have problems on a daily basis.

By problems I mean some really messed up stuff.
For starters, I don’t get along with my parents.
They like to abuse me emotionally. My mom
puts me down for how I look, or what I’m
doing wrong in my life. My dad, in his head
he thinks he’s helping but he’s not. He tends to
push me to practice more, study theory,
learn piano, and guitar on his time from him.
I’m a slow learner and all that does is give
me anxiety and makes me not want to do
anything with music.

I told you I’m pretty screwed up. The sad thing
is, that’s not even a tenth of it. The silver lining,
is that it gives me a reason to create. Being creative
is such an escape for me. It gets me a way from
the shit in my life. (Oh yeah I enjoy cussing).

Well that’s part 1 of this Real Talk Friday posts.

I want this series to be more of a community
series. I want y’all to talk, and comfort, and
whatever you want with everyone on here.
Please feel free to share on this blog. I see y’all as
friends and I hope y’all do to šŸ˜€


*Please know that it’s really hard for me to
share more. With these posts, I don’t want it to
seem like I’m throwing a pity party, because that’s
not what I want at all. I have struggles a lot, and
that’s why this isn’t one post, but a series. ā™„*


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