Youtube Wednesday

25 May
Congrats again to Beth for winning 😀
I’ll be listing the same earring in the shop
tomorrow sometime 😀 I’ll post on here
when I do.

And now for today’s Youtube Wednesday:
The Marshall Tucker Band – Can’t You See

This song means more to me than
probably most people. (Not in a mean way)
You see my dad, as I’ve mentioned, is
a musician. Well for a few years before I was
born, and while my mom was pregnant with me,
my dad played with Toy Caldwell of The Marshall
Tucker Band. (post split)

It’s probably kinda bad, but when I hear
the keyboard part, I secretly think it’s my dad
playing. (I know it’s not lol) I just love this song
so much! I usually roll down the windows,
crank up the radio and sing along
at the top of my lungs.

(There’s a video of my dad playing this song
with Toy Caldwell on a Nashville Now. It was when
I was in my mom’s belly. Apparently there’s not
a video of it on Youtube pooo!)



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