Travel Tuesday

12 Apr
For today’s Travel Tuesday,
I’m really wanting to go to:

You would think I go there more than
I do considering I live about 2 hours away.
I honestly don’t go as much as I would like to.

My boyfriend and his family were
up there this past weekend (without me)
and I’ve been jonsing for a trip up there.

I love the way the city feels,
and quirky places to go.
It’s just a really cool city.

I’m also jonsing for a trip to Ikea.
We’ve been renovating one of the
bathrooms here, and have been looking for
cabinet thingy to put on top of the
counter. Well I said today that if we didn’t
find what we were looking for,
I was going to look on the Ikea website
for it.

Well we did find the wood to build it, so
I guess no Ikea trip for me for a while. 😦

At least I’m doing my first Atlanta Craft fair
in a few weeks (EEEP!) I’m really starting
to get excited for it. If you want to go,
Go HERE for the details.


(p.s. i have pictures of the Atlanta skyline,
but they are all blurry from taking
them in a car on 75)


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