Things I like Thursday

7 Apr
This is another new blog post idea.
I’m not sure how it’ll go,
but I hope you enjoy what I’m liking 😀

These are just a few of my favorites from the last
couple of days. Please click on the corresponding links
below the picture for more info about the listings.

1. /2. /3. /4.

I hope to eventually post more
than just Etsy things I’m liking
at the time. Who knows maybe
it’ll lead to something like houses,
or decor, or gardens. Only God knows
what will come of this.

So have you seen anything lately
you think I will like?


(p.s. This was the first collage I’ve done online
Hopefully the will get better with time.
Haha I’m a poet and didn’t know it :D)

btw: I’ve been helping to work
on one of the bathrooms here. If I don’t get to
post another blog post tomorrow, please know
I’m VERY busy or tired lol.

I really hope to keep this daily
blogging schedule going.


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