Travel Tuesday

5 Apr
This is hopefully the beginning of new posts.
Travel Tuesday will be all about where
I want to go or travel to.

For this week, I’m longing for the
serenity of the beach.
Here’s a few pictures that
I’ve found online as well as on my computer.

I hope this inspires you to travel
somewhere in your mind šŸ˜€

I took this near the top of Fripp Is, SC
on one of my many beach trips with
my besties. (Rachael & Leah)

This picture was taken in March when
it was freezing on the island. Hence
the jackets and pants. I never noticed how
cool this picture was with both Leah and Rachael
walking towards the beach.

I could so see the three of us doing something
like this lol. (ā™„)

This looks like it would be an amazing
vacation. (ā™„)

I love sunsets (ā™„)

This is definitely one of my most favorite
pictures I’ve taken on Fripp. Palm trees and
sunsets are gorgeous to me



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