Youtube Wednesday

23 Mar
I saw the band Boom Chick by complete accident
when I went home. Trav and I were downtown
and wanting go to a dance thing (which was
a bit of a flop), so we went to the Rookery
for a beer.

Little did we know there would be a band
playing that night. So with our $5 cover
charge, we entered the bar and had a great time.

I had a Spartan beer (not so great) and Trav
had a Sweetwater 420 I think(a little better).

The band is a guy playing guitar, and
a girl playing drums. For such a small band,
they were AMAZING!

Without further ado,
Boom Chick!

I got their cd, and have been listening
to it in my new car nonstop.
(A post about that coming soon I promise!!!)

Look at some of their other videos here

I hope you like them 😀



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