So much going on in my life

7 Mar
So for the past week, I’ve
been practicing my butt off.
Why you ask?

Because I had my audition at GC & SU Friday.
It was really cool and fun. I made friends
with the other two violinists there.
The downside of the day, the room
I was practicing was as hot as Satan’s balls.
I’m not even exaggerating with that one.
Oh and my feet hurt from wearing heels.

The audition went great. I had the music
therapy director in there, so I hope I made
a good impression. I was very awkward, but
I blame the nerves for that one.

Yesterday I turned 22!!
Nothing really big happened, mostly because
it was Sunday. But at my church, we have a thing
called Food & Fellowship every first Sunday of the month.
Well because my pastor knew it was my birthday,
and that I LOVE Mexican food, he made it themed
Mexican. That was a great bday dinner too.

Tonight we’re going to my absolute favorite
Mexican restaurant in Byron, GA.
I have a burrito calling my name at the
moment lol.

I did get a car for my birthday. I love it!!
It’s a 2001 Honda Civic. It’s the most
perfect car for me. 😀

I got some big news Saturday as far
as my jewelry goes. I got invited to
be a vendor at the Funky Flea in Atlanta!
Can you believe it? My FIRST show in
Atlanta. I really hope I do well there.
As far as I know it will be Saturday
April 23 for 1 – 6 pm.
I can’t wait for that!

Speaking of Etsy, I have renewed a few
things in the shop. Please stop by, and
check them out.

I’m also offering a coupon code in honor
of this being the week of my birthday.
until 3/13 to get free shipping on anything
in the shop.



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