Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

14 Feb
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a video of Joss Stone singing
L-O-V-E for Music Monday

Here’s a picture of what Trav got me for Valentine’s Day:

It’s a ring that’s in my size (3 1/2)
and it’s got a tiny diamond in the top of it.

It’s from around 1910, and he
got it at an estate jewelry store in
downtown Columbus. I was the one to find it and
tell him about it. The guy at the store told me that
everyone started to call it the “Cinderella Ring” because
it’s been in the store for about a year now, and there had
been so many women wanting to buy it, but it wouldn’t
even fit their pinkies. So I tried it on, and it fit, and I said
“I’m Cinderella!!!”

When he gave it to me, it was in this piano jewelry box.

Trav said he got like $100 off of the original
price because it had been there so long.

I wonder who originally wore it, and if it was
an engagement ring. I think the reason I wanted it
so bad was because of the unknown history behind it.
There’s no telling what the story is behind this
tiny gorgeous ring that now sits on my finger.

Infinite X’s and O’s


Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!!

I hope it’s a spectacular day 😀


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