17 Dec
First off my coupon code is ending
tonight at midnight. So use it now
before it goes away.

Now for the BIG NEWS!

I’m officially registered for violin lessons!
I called the school the other day and registered,
paid, and know who my professor is 😀

He’s actually the viola teacher for the school,
but he also teaches violin lessons. EEP I’m
so excited for my lessons to start.

The lady I talked to said that he
was the best one for me to get because
he could help me get my foot
in the door at the school.
Also that he could prepare me for
the audition later in the semester.

I’m so ready to move over there
and unpack all of my things.
Of course, I need to pack them first.

In other news, I’m thinking about closing
my shop for about a week. It’ll be a few
days before New Years until a few days
after. Just long enough for me to
get settled in over there.

I’ll try to keep the blog alive during that
time just to keep everyone updated
on how everything is going.

Well I’m off for the night.
I think Trav and I are going to the
movies after he gets out of church.



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