Music Monday: Yellowcard

15 Nov

This Music Monday is a very special one for me.

I have loved Yellowcard since the first

time I saw Way Away on Fuse.

Being a violin player, I was absolutely

in love with this band because they blended

rock and violin so well.

I found Yellowcard durning my Punk phase.

I know they aren’t very Punk but it was enough

to make me very interested.

I love hearing their music and I have every

album except the most recent

one they released.

I’ve been following the process of their newest record

by watching their videos of the process here

(I would say start with the first video

if you want to check it out.)

The process of a record speaks to me

probably more than most.

I love being in studios and watching

an album come from the bottom up.

There’s just something magical about the

whole process. It’s just amazing.

I’ve been so excited about this album

since the first video I watched.

While on Twitter, Yellowcard posted a video

of one of the songs on the new record.

It makes me so excited to hear that first violin

solo and then the rock come and it all just fit.

This song is called For You and Your Denial

off their new album

When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes

Without further ado, Here’s the video:




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