School News

7 Nov
Well I had to make a tough decision the other day.
I’ve decided to forgo auditioning next month.
Instead, I’ve decided to take next semester off
and just take lessons to get better at playing
my violin. I hope to be auditioning
sometime next semester for going to CSU
during the fall.

Y’all have no idea how hard this was for me.
I’ve seen so many friends take a semester off,
and never go back. I don’t want to be like that.
At the same time, I know this is what I need
to do in order to even get into this school.

I was telling Trav that I’ve gotten more out of
the 2 years of guitar lessons than I did in the 10
years of violin in school only. I think this is
definitely what I need to do in order to get into CSU.

I just hope that I have enough time to build up to
enough of what I need in order to get into CSU.

Now the really hard part, deciding where to get lessons.
I feel like CSU is my best bet because I’ll be going
there eventually. And I can already be living with my
Aunt Nancy. The depressing part, is I won’t be in
Macon with Trav. But I’ll have more time
than I would if I were in school to come back
home and see everyone.

I need to remember to Let Go and Let God!
I honestly think that’s why the last couple
of months have been so difficult for me.
I haven’t been listening to what God wants
me to do, and trying to make what I want to
happen, happen.

Well I’m off to study Psychology.



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