2 Nov
I’m really starting to slack off with Etsy.
It’s getting to a point where I focus more
on Etsy than school and violin.

I want to do well with it, but it’s taking
too much effort and stress for me to be successful.
I want to do well with everything I’m doing,
but I’m only one person, and there’s only so
many hours in the day.

I wish that Etsy stuff came easy to me,
but I’m really struggling to keep up with everyone.
I hate the fact lately I’ve been more focused
on doing well with Etsy, that my main priority, school,
isn’t having my full focus.

I’m not putting this out here to get sympathy,
I just want y’all to know where I’m coming from.

In the next couple of weeks I really need
to buckle down on practicing my violin.
I have maybe a month before I may
be auditioning. It’s starting to get overwhelming
that I’m not like most people who go to music schools.

I never had private lessons, all I had was orchestra
through the school. Please know that I loved that.
But I feel like I missed out on important things
with not having a private teacher.

I missed a lot of good information that would
help me with getting into a music school.
I know the theory, but the practice is the hard part.

Anyways, I’m not going to focus so much on Etsy.
Not promoting, not listing, just let it happen.
Only focusing on school and violin.



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