Such a long week

26 Sep

This week has been very long. I found out that I made a 73 on my history test, and a 60 on my Psychology test. I’ve really got to study better for the next tests. I have an accounting test this Thursday (wish me luck). Fall break is in 2 weeks 😀 I really can’t wait for it to be here.

In other news, my uncle finally had his back surgery. They went in and fused 2 of his disks in his lower back because he had a ruptured disk. It was funny, he had the surgery at 7 am on Friday, home by 11 am, and around 4, he was walking upright again. At one point my aunt asked him how he was feeling, he simply said “I’m watching iCarly how do you think I feel?” And just laughed. [technically, he’s my uncle, but he’s 30 so he’s like a cousin]

Saturday, we had the Koinonia Festival with my church. Basically, it’s a huge yard sale of stuff given to us that we give to the needy for free. Anything from books and clothes, to couches and art. It was great to see so many people there and to see all of them get something. I think I had the best job of the day. I sat on the sidewalk with 3 kids and drew with chalk. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss the next couple of Festivals because I’ll be in Columbus, but this one will definitely count for a couple of years.

In case you missed it, my skull earrings are still for sale in my etsy shop for only $8. If you have twitter, please spread the word about these earrings. I would love to make my first sale with these gorgeous skulls.

Well guys I’m off for now. I hope to post at least one more time this week.



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