A wrap up of the first week of school

22 Aug

The first week of school went ok.
Besides the hecticness of the first week of school,
it went pretty well.

All of the classes I’m taking this semester, are
classes I’ve had before that I made D’s in.
I’m going to try really hard this semester
to have a better GPA. I desperately want
to get above a 3.0 after this semester.

I’m not stressing quite as much as I usually do
because I’ve had these classes before. But at the
same time I know that I should so I do better.

I may not be around the online community
quite as I usually am. I know that I really need to focus
this semester, and make better grades.

I really want to have an amazing GPA when I transfer
to CSU in a few months.

On a side note, I’m hoping to take pictures tomorrow
if it’s not cloudy again, and hopefully have new earrings
posted sometime next weekend.



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