Travel Tuesday / Trip in Pictures: Fripp Island, SC

17 Aug

This Trip In Pictures is from the biannually vacation spot for my friends Rachael and Leah and I.
We stay with Rachael’s grandparents, and have tons of adventures on the island. I now present to you my Trip in Pictures: Fripp Island, SC.

We were finally all old enough to go to the 21+ pool
We spent most of our time there this time.
This picture was mostly for the clouds rolling in.
We always go to this restaurant in Beaufort called Wren
I have to say this is the best tea EVER!
It’s mango sweet tea with fruit slices in it.
The one in the picture had sliced strawberry,
mango, and a mint leaf in it. yum yum

Rachael’s grandmother has a tomato plant.
This was one of the tomatoes she picked and
we loved the fact that this one tomato had
all of the colors of Rastafarian, I couldn’t
resist taking a picture of it.

So I’m sure you’re thinking look out lane
means a romantic place. Nope not even close.
We drove down there expecting some awesome
view of the ocean. It’s called Lookout Lane because it’s
right beside one of the golf courses. Get it Lookout =
flying balls lol.

This is by far, one of my most favorite spots on the island.
The way the rocks meet the ocean,
and the ocean just goes on and on.
I hope to take Trav there someday.

Leah being Leah. She was a pirate at this point.
BTW she LOVES anything pirate.

My favorite house on the entire island.
The colors of it remind me of mint chocolate-chip ice cream.
I love the colors on the house. It just makes me happy.

This is one of the houses that we constantly look for.
They are all octagon shaped and look really cool.
They are very far back into the island.

The White House lol. The mailbox above.

And the actual White House. It’s completely white lol.

10 pt Market
(Market = boy deer to us)

The only day we were on the beach.
There was this kid throwing chips at the birds.
Coolest moment: Kid was holding out a chip waiting
for one of the seagulls to take it out of his hand. Sadly
they didn’t do it. It still turned out to be a cool picture.

This kid skim boarding right in front of us.
He couldn’t stay on very long.
I love action pictures apparently.

Margaret that me and Leah touched it’s nose, and
it’s baby deer (I’m calling it Bambie)
(Margaret = girl deer)

Rachael got free ice cream because it was a few days
before her birthday. If you’re on twitter, please go
wish her a belated Happy Birthday @rachyrock.

We found these outside the boathouse.
This one was pretty good.

Rachael was being an angry pirate, and
apparently I was the dits.
I was the pirate and Leah seemed to like
the knife in the back lol.

I took this on the way back to Macon.
There’s a sign going the other way
for a place called Guido Gardens. Not knowing
what it really was we wondered if it was for the Guidos
from Jersey only or what it was. It was a good laugh.

All in all this trip was pretty fun.
We got to explore the island, and pet a deer.
Lounge by the pool and play on the beach.
I love it when we go there, and I can’t wait
to go back.

Is there anywhere interesting you’ve been lately?



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