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16 Jul
Good Fortune Soap

I got some awesome goodies the other day from
Good Fortune Soap. I ordered this lovely massaging candle.

While talking to Jennifer Jack, creator of Good Fortune Soap,
about the candle, I linked her to my post about my allergy to
lavender, which I featured the candle I ordered. She read it,
and threw in some lavender-free goodies for me to test out and talk about.

I tried the candle first. After walking around Ikea and Summit
in Atlanta all day Saturday, my back was giving me serious problems.
It hurt to move. Well my boyfriend being the sweetheart he is gave
me a massage with this candle. He really rubbed out most of the
pain in my lower back, and found the main spots that
hurt the most. The candle wasn’t too warm, except when
Trav poured it straight on while it was still lit, lesson learned.
I ordered the candle scented Green Tea. It smelled so great.

Next was the clay shaving soap. This thing was awesome!
It was small enough that I didn’t have to worry about dropping it.
(My back was still hurting a bit) It was a little rough, so it almost
exfoliated my skin. It didn’t hurt shaving and afterward,
my legs felt silky smooth. Overall, a great product
that I may buy later on down the road. Also the scent was sweet island coconut,
which smells amazing.

Last was the face & body soap. I like to think that I’m blessed
with good facial skin. I don’t have to wash my face often,
or else I’ll break out. When I received this soap, I couldn’t
wait to use it. I received the soap scented pink grapefruit.
It felt really good on my face, and didn’t cause me to breakout. Hooray!!

Overall, I am in love with these products and I would highly recommend buying them.
Check out her site at here to read her story and check out
all of her products. And visit her Etsy shop here.

Have you bought anything you are excited about lately?

xo Coop


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