Something a bit random

3 Jul
I need to tell you this: I have the weirdest allergy.
I’m allergic to lavendar.
You know the scent in essential oils.
The calming oil in lotions and soaps.
Yup I’m allergic to that. 😦

It certainly sucks for me, because some shampoos and
soaps that I like contain lavender.

♥ I love getting massages from my boyfriend,
but if we’re not careful, I could have a rash all over
from whatever oils we’re using.

One time, we got this awesome candle from RenFest.
The “wax” of the candle, when melted,
was a warm lotion.
Well, I had no idea that Essential Oils
has lavender in it. I was not so happy the next day
having to wake up to a rash all over. not fun.

Ever since then, I’ve been on the search for something like that candle.
The only problem is I have no idea how to describe it.
Is it a lotion, a candle, or an oil. I have no clue.

I’ve found a few things on etsy that I wouldn’t mind trying.

♥ Source

&heart; Source

The only thing I worry about is if all candles contain essential oils.

♥ While writing this post I started wondering, are all soy candles
and massage candles created equal. I mean are they the same thing.

Well, apparently massage candles are soy candles, but
soy candles aren’t massage candles. Massage candles are
made of soy, but have extra ingredients.

Do you know of any great candle shops on Etsy?


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