My Weekend in Alabama

1 Jun

So the weekend started off with a ton of shopping, then some fun times with family.

This is one of the dresses I bought for my trip to California.

This place is awesome. It’s the largest fireworks place I’ve ever been to.
In between Columbus and Eufaula, Alabama.
I love me some boiled peanuts. We got these on the way to Eufaula.
They were so dang good yum yum yum.

The water tower once we got into Eufaula.
I knew I was home then.

One of the gorgeous mansions in Eufaula.
Here’s a little tidbit: In the movie “Sweet Home Alabama,”
the main character drives through Eufaula and shows the
most well-know mansion: The Shorter Mansion.

This little man consumed most of our time in Eufaula.
His name is Cole, and for 7 months old, he sure is smart.
Here he is in his University of Alabama (boo) outfit.
He is the cutest thing ever, and the calmest baby ever.

I saw this on the way out of Columbus. I have to tell you,
the Bell-Air is on the top of my list for favorite old cars.
I want one someday.
Here’s a video of Cole moving his arms. His mom, Felicia,
says he looks like he’s conducting. I agree.

P.S. I’m leaving for California in the morning. I hope to have another trip in pictures
when I come back. Y’all have no idea how excited I am for this trip

Have you traveled anywhere lately?



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