Summertime is finally here!

8 May

So after many days of little sleep, and annoying finals, the semester is finally over and it’s officially SUMMER!!! I’ve been fairly busy since school let out. I sanded and drilled some stuff to be in my shop soon. I hope to have them posted at the latest the middle of next week. I’ll give you a hint, one thing deals with the 4th of July.

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. the last couple of days. My friend Josh finished school as well, and we had to move him back home out of his dorm. The trip was about 6 hours round trip. Man that was a long drive. I wish I had taken my camera with me. The scenery is always beautiful along highways to me. I also wish I had taken my knitting. Oh well.

So Cinco de Mayo was a couple of days ago, and finally had my first Corona as a 21 year old. That was the best Corona ever lol. Here’s the before and after pictures of that Corona.

My hope is that with it being Summer now, that I will be posting at least twice a week.

Did you do anything interesting for Cinco De Mayo?



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