My Birthday Weekend

9 Mar

So as you know from the last post, I turned 21 on Saturday. This year has to be the best birthday ever!! I had my birthday lunch at Olive Garden with my parents, Trav, and my best friends Josh and Rachael. I split my first bottle of wine with my parents, and got to keep the bottle lol. I had the tour of Italy, and finished it off with a tarmisu. Here’s a few pictures:

Josh really
enjoyed that
bite lol

After Olive Garden, the kids went to Barnes and Noble and caused a bit of trouble. Ok we didn’t get into trouble, but we were a bit loud. Trav offered to buy me a new craft book, but there were so many that I couldn’t pick just one. He said I could have a rain check yay.

We left B&N so me and Rachael could change for a birthday party for Josh’s aunt. I had my first official beer, Bud Light, after one of Josh’s aunt’s found out it was my birthday as well. Here’s a few more pictures from the rest of the night:
Josh turned
Rachael’s slouchy
beanie into a beret

Sunday was the race in Atlanta. It was AMAZING!! I always love it when the race falls around my birthday, it’s like the greatest present ever lol. The driver I root for, Jamie McMurray, did great most of the race, top 20 the whole time, until he wrecked close to the end of the race. I was so upset that he finished bad, and that Kurt Busch won. I will admit K.B has class for doing a victory lap backwards lol. Nothing tops the last race at Atlanta when Kacey Kahne won and did a burn out in front of the turn 3-4 stands. It was the only part of the stands that was completely packed the entire race. There was a bad wreck Sunday, I personally think was uncalled for, but I have no idea what the reason for that one was. I’m just happy everyone wasn’t hurt. Here’s a few pictures from the race:

Jamie McMurray before the race

There was a guy from Columbia sitting next to my dad that came to Atlanta to see the race. Obviously he was rooting for Juan Pablo Montoya. We gave him a hot dog and a coke, then a brownie. So he decided to share these awesome twinkie like things with us that he brought from Columbia. I’ve yet to try mine, but my dad said it was good. My dad gave him his e-mail so if he comes back, my dad would show him around lol.

I love this picture of Trav. He was concentrating so hard on the race. I think I’ve definately hooked him with NASCAR. He’s starting to learn a lot about the sport. I love him!!

Trav and I during the race. There wasn’t much going on at this point, but we were both listening to PRN with our lime green head phones we got at the track. You can tell at this point, that I was already starting to get burnt. I have no idea why i didn’t turn my hat around lol.

My view of turn 4 during the race. And some random guy standing up.

I can honestly say, that I did not expect to say a Mustang like this at the track. I love old muscle cars, they are so gorgeous/hot all at the same time.

A beautiful sunset to end an amazing weekend. It was light pink, and light blue with a mix of clouds.

Oh I forgot to mention that Rachael taught me how to knit Friday night. I’ve been working on what I think will turn into a scarf that I may give to my mom for mother’s day. I’ll post pictures of it when I’m done.

I also made my first treasury yesterday!! I got inspiration for from everything related to going to the beach. Have a look here.

So overall this weekend has been pretty amazing. Who knew you could cram so many great memories into one weekend. Oh and to add to this amazing birthday, I’m going to the beach in Fripp Island, South Carolina Thursday with Rachael and our friend Leah. I don’t think I’m going to be able to top this birthday for a while. I hope to post some more this week since I’m on Spring Break. I’ve got a few things to work on in my shop and on my blog. Stay tuned for the updates. xo


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