Mardi Gras sale

8 Feb

I have all of my Mardi Gras necklaces on sale for $10 now until Mardi Gras. I desperately need to get rid of them. I rearranged my shop in hopes that they will sell easier. I know I don’t need to be, but I’m so desperate for that first sale. My shop has been open since May 2009, and I still haven’t had a sale. Go here to see the changes.

I am thinking about adding new things, instead of all jewelry. I made Trav, the boyfriend, a screen printed Storm Trooper shirt.
I know that it’s a bad angle, but if you click here, you can see more of them from when I posted it on Threadbanger. I’ve made a hibiscus screen print as well. Btw, those are my favorite flowers of all time.

In other news, Pop started chemo and radiation a week ago. He seems to be doing well, but can’t eat anything due to sores in his mouth. Y’all have no idea how ready I am for this to be over with. He was supposed to go home a few days ago, but his sodium level is too low. I really hope they get all of this stuff worked out. I miss my Papa.
I ended up failing my first test of the semester. Grr. I should find out tomorrow how I did on the Microeconomics test. I hope I did a lot better than the Biology test.

I’m so excited that this weekend is Valentines Weekend! The boyfriend and I will be going to see my favorite artist/band, Oh Dorian. Her music is amazing, and she is very nice. Click here for her site.

I hate to be cutting this week brief, but I have to go study for another test I have tomorrow night. Wish me luck



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