another busy week

28 Jan

So today ends a very busy and emotional week. I found out that I have 2 tests next week, grr. I hate when the first tests roll around. I’m never ready enough for them. I’m definitely going to be studying my butt off this weekend. On the emotional side, I found out last night that my Grandfather, Pop as we like to call him, has a tumor on his lung. It is cancerous, but the doctors think they can shrink it down and hopefully get rid of it. I’m very worried about it, but I’m trying to stay strong for my family. Pop is a very strong guy. He would run a mile everyday when I was a kid. I know I got this from him, but he is very stubborn as well. Anyways please pray for my family.

On a lighter note, I finally sanded and drilled all of my stuff. My hopes for having all of my Valentine’s Day stuff posted by the 1st is slowly starting to diminish. I still have to put everything together and take pictures so I hope to have it done by Monday or at the latest Tuesday. I’m very excited about this batch of jewelry. The weather was great and I didn’t have many flaws with them.

I have been on a DIY network kick here lately. I’ve started to think about ways to improve my house, or at least my room/bathroom. My family would go to the beach every year. The same beach house, the same week out of the year since I was born until I was 18. If I could I would live there year around. I found these awesome draw pulls a few weeks ago and ever since all I can think about is beach glass. I love the colors and the way it immediately takes me back to my childhood of life at the beach house. I would seriously design my bathroom around these if I could. Here is a link to them.

So as you can tell, my week has been very busy. I hope that next week is better. Until next time,
xoxo Coop


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