First Week Back

18 Jan

So I’m going to try to blog at least once a week until the end of the semester. Some weeks I may blog more than once, and some none at all. My hopes for this blog is to showcase items I have found on etsy that make me happy, and to keep y’all updated on the future products/news for my etsy.

So to start off this new version of my blog I would first like to share this awesome corset cozy I found a few days ago. I am a lover of corsets. My first prom dress had a corset, that I could barely breath in, but it was so gorgeous. When I go to RenFest in Atlanta, the corset shops are usually where you will find me. So it’s no surprise that when I found this through’s personal shopper, I was hooked. I made a shirred dress about a year ago with this same material, and thought it was meant to be. I drink a lot of hot tea, but it’s usually in a mug so no real need for a cozy. If I were to get this, I’m sure I would find a use for it lol. Anyways, here is a link to the cozy.

So I have been working on a few new thing for Valentine’s Day. One that I am very proud of is a new necklace I’m working on. I took a Large size tray and placed a piece of paper that I cut out a heart of and placed it on top of the first layer of resin. I sprinkled a lot of red glitter in the middle and on the back of the paper and then put a second layer of resin on top of that. Ok enough explaining have a look for yourself:
It looks like the paper turned into a paste or something like that. The right one is what the back looks like. Both are hearts, I made four. I would love to hear in the comments what you think of how they look so far.

So this week has been fairly eventful. I had my first full week of school, did two batches of resin, and today I started sanding and drilling some of the new ones. The weather has been quite warm for it to be mid January, but then again it’s Georgia. I think this semester is going to be great for me. I’m taking Bio 2 class and lab, Microeconomics, Business Communication, and my 3rd semester of guitar (1 to go yay). Four of my classes are only once a week, which is a nice break for me. I’m definitely going to start working out this semester, again.

My goal for this semester, make A’s and B’s, practice more than once a week, make first sell on etsy, grow artistically with my jewelry, and focus on school.

On that note, I must go study for my economics class in the morning.
Until next time,
xoxo Coop


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