An update

3 Nov

Sorry guys for being such a lacking blogger lately.
I seem to have been quite busy. With finals slowly drawing near, I am taking the time to study my butt off lol. But it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t go to a few concerts lol. So in the last couple of months, I have seen Kill Hannah, She Wants Revenge (both at the same show), and Hanson. So the last one was me and best friend living out our childhood fantasies lol. Pictures from both shows should be on my flickr sometime soon. Keep in mind I am in school.

So my latest adventures as far as my jewelry goes are these awesome skull, most have sold at craft fairs, some fender pic(k) earrings, and I have been playing around with this black opaque resin dye. I am going to make some more this weekend with the dye and maybe some more skulls.
Here is a link on twitpic of my pic earrings: please click the link to check them out.

And a picture of the skulls:

Speaking of craft fairs, two weekends ago I did the Fried Green Tomato Festival in Juliette,Ga. I must admit after having been to two fairs before and not selling anything, it was semi-hard to stay optimistic of me making any money. Well the day seemed to drag on, but when I was just about to give up hope, the most marvelous thing happened, a bus full of red hat ladies pulled up and unloaded. All of the glitter made me gitty and sure enough one of those very nice ladies gave me my first sale. The only bad thing is she walked up at one point and asked me to hold on to a pair of pink glitter and black opaque dye skull earrings for her while she looked around. Well I honestly thought she wasn’t coming back so my best friend Rachael and I looked around to see what everyone had to offer. While we were away however, the lady came back and bought those earrings from my mom. I had a moment of disappointment but extreme excitement at the same time. As far as I cared that could have been the only thing I sold from that moment on, but then people kept coming. As a side note I was also selling some embroidered hand towels for my Aunt Nancy, I sold two of those. I made 2 sales Sunday, one to a family friend’s son, who is 6 mind you, and a lady that bought a pair of earrings as I was packing up. All in all I made a total of $60 for the whole weekend.

Oh and I finally joined a team on Etsy, the GAetsyteam. Yay I love everyone there.

Anyways, so as you can tell I have had a very eventful couple of weeks. I hope to have new stuff posted by next week. Well I must go and study for my Biology exam, which I am trying to avoid by being on here lol.


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