Some shop changes

25 Aug

So my shop is going to be going through a few changes in the near future. Starting with editing my stuff. New names, new descriptions, a full overhaul. The prices will still be the same, but the pictures may be edited and the descriptions will be ….. um more developed.
As a bit of a sneak peek I’m going to tell ya’ll the first name I’m going to be doing. To be honest it’s inspired by my wonderful dog. She keeps me company, rather sleeps the whole time, while I’m posting and editing and what not. Her name is Sophie, and she is a prissy dog, but not. If she were a human, she would definately be one of the guys. She is so laid back and loving. Here’s a picture of her.
Ignore the crazy dog eyes. I never got around to fixing that, mostly because it seems like her lol. She always stares me down if I’m messing with anything of hers. I think she has anxiety. I know the picture doesn’t really capture her personality, but it was this one or a ton of her asleep, since that’s about the only time i can take a picture of her being still lol.
Anyways the necklace I am naming her after is this one:

Well I hope you guys enjoy what’s coming up and I will keep updateing my blog as things happen.


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